About Us

Loistaa Hair is a Subsidiary of Bee's Beauty Secrets. We have been in the hair extension business since 2010. We are committed to delivering high quality products to the beauty industry and ensure our products are durable, affordable and long lasting.

We understand the power of communicating effectively to consumers therefore responding to their needs is at the core of our business. We empower women to shine brighter using our Premium Hair Extensions and Wigs as tools of influence.

Asides from actively delivering quality hair extensions, Loistaa Hair aims to take up space as a go-to brand for women who want to;

⭐️ Be authentic

⭐️ Preserve culture

⭐️ Use braiding as a form of Art

⭐️ Be free to express themselves by carving a personality for themselves using their looks as one of their tools

And this is why we believe that every woman in the world is a potential #LoistaaWoman

Our Goals 

  • To deliver consistently high quality products
  • To provide honest and dedicated customer care, ensuring competitive and fair pricing
  • To research and develop new and exciting products
  • To implement sustainable practices across all level of our supply chain