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 Hello Beautiful!

We are super excited to have you here! We will be using this platform to discuss all things beauty, fashion, art, entertainment. And we promise you all the latest beauty trends, celebrity style and general tips to empower and energize you!

Loistaa hair is a braiding hair extensions brand that is committed to delivering high quality products to the beauty industry and ensure our products are durable, affordable and long lasting.

We believe women around the world should be able to experience what true freedom is; embrace their full femininity, be authentic, love and feel good about themselves.

Women are strong, powerful, daring, confident and above all, beautiful, and this is why in the last decades, there’s been a rise of brands, businesses, products and whatnot, to help women achieve these and more. This is also on the basis of what Loistaa Hair was founded upon, to empower women to shine using hair extensions and wigs as tool of influence.

Every woman is a potential #LoistaaWoman and we hope to extend our hands to more women out there one blog post at a time.



We have the ability to make you shine because YES, YOU ARE A STAR!

Ready to go on this roller coaster ride with us?

Let’s do this!

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