Rihanna Proves that Your Hair Can Talk

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{Image Source: Instagram}

Ever gone to a party with the intention to steal the show with your amazing designer outfit or bag and shoes only to get more compliments on your hair instead? This was the case of Riri some weeks ago.

The internet went wild with pictures of Rihanna rocking a new unusual hairstyle that’s a mix of cornrows and bantu knots - Such chic, stylish and simple yet classy look right?

{Rihanna rocking her Cornrow Bantu knots in Pic}
She had dropped some pictures on her Instagram page, announcing the latest launch from Fenty Skin, exposing her charming, beautiful, creamy legs with the caption “Touch that Butta”
{Image Source: Getty}
One could tell that all she wanted to show was the amaziness of what fenty skin can do for the body when included to a skincare routine as seen on her thighs and legs but onlookers preferred to focus on her hair instead because it spoke volume!
{Image Source: Getty}
3 important Lessons we deduced from this:
- Never pass on a chance to present your hair nicely, it can actually open closed doors for you.
- Your hair is one of the top 3 points of attraction when people meet you, don’t earn a false impression because of it.
- Investing in your hair is not vain at all, it is investing in your appearance and that is self/personal development too.
- Bonus lesson: A nicely done stylish hair stands a high chance of building your self esteem and confidence.
Rihanna is one who obviously takes her appearance very serious, especially her hairdos as we can see from most of her shared pictures on her Instagram profile.
Your take home from here? Start letting your hair do the talking by investing in it.

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